July 22, 2021

Digital Marketing Plan for Covid-19

by Rawin Rojanathara in Business Owner Tips

Is Your Digital Marketing Plan Works During Covid-19?

Do you need a digital marketing plan that works during Covid-19? It has been almost 2 years since Thailand and the world has lived through one of the great economic crises. Covid-19 outbreak has changed the way people live, do business, purchase products and services and force businesses to think how to sell without having a storefront. Creating a digital marketing plan containing digital marketing strategy that allow your business to perform in such situation maybe challenging for you.

We invite you to take these 3 steps approach on how to create a digital marketing plan that limit your budget while giving you ROI to grow sustainably in the long term.

  1. Define your audiences in detail
  2. Choose the right channels
  3. Pick the right performance indicator

Start Your Digital Marketing Plan with Audiences

A good digital marketing plan needs a very detailed audience demographics. You should strive to define your customers age, gender, interests, job title, relationship status, etc. for each of your product and service. Audience is the foundation that could spell either success or failure of your entire plan.

Once audiences are defined, you start putting the right price, promotion, content, basically personalization to each group in your overall communication.

Choosing the Right Channels

Different channels give different results. You as a decision maker need to know which type of user are using which channels. For example, Instagram is more popular among ladies and people on Instagram in general tend to have more purchasing power than that of Facebook. Another example would be choosing to invest in Google Ads if your business serves user in urgent needs such as car battery change service. For restaurant and café, you cannot forget LINE OA as Thai people use LINE as their primary tool of ordering even more than any other channels. Thus, knowing which channel should be invested in is one of the keys to success.

Get Your Digital Marketing Plan the Right KPIs

Sometimes KPI does not come in the form of sales figure. In some business, getting more visibility share online or new client registration is their goal. In making a solid digital marketing plan, we would like to introduce these common indicators for you to choose from.

  • ROI (Return on investment): ROI = 3 means for every THB 1 spent you get THB 3 in return. ROI is commonly used to see which channel gets you most revenue.
  • Reach and Impression: Reach is how many people see your post or ads. Impression is how many times your post or ads has been seen. A person could see your ads twice. That is 1 reach and 2 impressions.
  • Impression share: This metric is used primarily on Google Ads and it tells you how many times your client sees your ads out of 100%. Number closer to 100 is better.
  • CTR (Click-through-rate): How many times your link or ads is clicked on. CTR of 5% means for every 100 people who saw your ads, 5 people clicked on it.
  • Conversion Rate: How many % of people purchased or submitted lead form to your business (conversion). Usually fall below 5%.

Creating a digital marketing plan in Covid-19 situation can be tricky as you cannot spend as much as you wanted to. And sometimes you are limited to only 1-2 channels. In that case, know your audience, know your channels and know how to measure results are the keys to success.