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Get Your Website Up There.

Thailand spent over THB 2,800 million on Google Ads in 2018, ranked #3 most invested area of advertising. To this day and beyond this figure will only increase. At Convert Digital, we focus on the two most frequently used types of Google Ads: Search and Display networks. This is because they are the most effective types.

Search network: Your customer search on Google and found top search results with a small green ‘Ads’ box. These Ads are auctioned and will show on position 1 to 4 on Google’s first page. We work with you to create campaigns and write attractive ad copies that drive results whether it is pure ROI or impression. 

Display network: Google display network allows you to publish your ads across the internet with advanced targeting options such as geo-location, demographics, time of day, user behavior and more. 

The result is that your message will be delivered to the right person at the right time. 

Rank#1 on Google Today.

Most suitable for business owners and marketers who want measurable results now. Google Adwords is a pay-per-click type of ads that places your website on the top #1 to #4 positions on the first page of Google. Our campaign managers are certified by Google. Thus they know exactly what you need for your PPC campaigns. We also create an easy-to-digest report for you to understand exactly what is happening to your business and within your industry. 

Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok Google Adwords
Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok Google Adwords Audience Targeting

Retarget Potential Buyers.

Google Display Network (GDN) is a network of websites that signed up with Google to share their inventory. As a result, your ads can be shown to your selected audiences across 90% of the webpages which have similar content to what you promote. The ads format can be image, text, GIF, video and more which makes it very versatile. This is also viewable across all platforms including mobile. 

Prime example of display ads is retargeting. Every day, you have customers visiting your website but did not purchase. Remarketing ads will follow them whenever they browse other websites related to your product and show them ads. This effectively reminds them and increases the chance of sales as these audiences have already expressed an interest in your business.   

Control Your Budget.

As a digital marketing agency in Bangkok we are fully aware of how local businesses spend its budget and how much you need for your business. You can test-run to see which ones work and capitalize on successful campaigns. 

Both types of Google Ads come with ways to set a maximum bid and control your budget so you do not have to worry about overspends. Your campaign can be turned on and off at any time within a moment.

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