July 22, 2021

Why You Should Invest on Google Ads?

by Rawin Rojanathara in Business Owner Tips

Why Invest on Google Ads?

Online marketing landscape has been changing every day. One of the giants who leads this change is of course large companies like Google who owns more than 75% of the world’s total search volume. As such, advertising using Google Ads is one of the best channels in reaching potential customers in every stage of the purchase cycle, from researching to buying.

Google Ads campaign is very effective in driving quality traffic to your website. With this channel, your ads will be shown on rank #1-4 on Google’s first page above organic results. Google Ads campaign allows room for flexibility whether you wish to drive more people to your website or scope down to only a handful of people who are looking for what you offer. You can also target specific time, cities, countries and more to suit your business needs.

Google Ads runs on a PPC or Pay-per-click model where you will be paying for clicks, not impressions. This means your ads can show as many times as needs and you won’t be paying if there is no click. But of course, a good campaign will drive lots of click to your website to purchase your products or services. You can also set objective to maximum clicks, impression share or conversion as well.

We recommend businesses to have at least one Google Ads campaign running to get more business from Google because the average cost per click for most business is only THB 3-7. If you are selling high value items or are selling products in batch, this is the ideal channel to invest in. Moreover, it’s not only in normal search result, you can advertise using Google Shopping Ads, Google Discovery Ads (which goes to gmail and YouTube) and Google Display Network which launches your banners into 97% of websites in this world in the area you choose to advertise.

Not sure how to get started with Google Ads? Consult us for free and see how we could estimate your ROI.