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10.5 Million

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  • K.R.S. Spicy Food Co.,Ltd. is primarily a food, cooking pastes and sauce OEM business based in Rangsit with international footprint. Domestically, their products can be found in all leading malls e.g. Central, The Mall, Lotus, Makro, etc. across the country.
  • Convert Digital is tasked with growing their J-Lek brand in terms of awareness and online sales, as well as improving their capability to gain more B2B leads. We offered an All-in-One solution for them.
  • We take care of various aspects from social media advertising, consultation, SEO, Google Ads campaign, YouTube advertising, LineOA and everything between. Their website is being built with another party, but we provide consultation on their behalf nonetheless.
  • Keeping our All-in-One service promise, we work as if we are part of the team and support any request in marketing.

6.5 Million Reach in 1 Month.

We plan a year ahead with all possible channels, investment levels and chart out everything for the client to consider. This is delivered in the form of excel file and a kick-off meeting. When we first get on board, J-lek has a new YouTube VDO and they wanted to build awareness for the first 3 months. While other agencies mentioned they’d need to pay THB 100,000 for 1 million reach. We delivered over 600% of that benchmark for them only from Facebook, and with a specific audience at that. We also did YouTube vdo ads to sustain brand awareness as well.


Dominate Search Impression Share

Our Google Ads strategy started with keyword research, budget planning, Ads writing and everything for one goal – Most search impression share for K.R.S. OEM business. We did over 95% impression share for Worldwide market searching for food-related OEM request in Thailand. Domestically, we own over 80%. This means for every 100 times people searching for these particular needs, KRS website is there 80 times on page 1 of Google. Talk about dominating market visibility! 

We have been monitoring our campaigns and keywords to compete in each product categories as well. Currently our focus is still on OEM, but we will add more budget and dominate more shortly.

As one of the best B2B Digital marketing agency, we also take care of everything in between from 12 month plans, consulting, LINE Official Account and more, delivering our true All-in-One services where nothing is really out of scope.