Holiday Inn Resort


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+56% ROI

on Google Display Campaign with improved targeting and creatives

+81% Visits

in 8 months. Average 5,600 visits per month from just 3,100


content score on major OTAs. Improved from 71%

Hotel Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok Holiday Inn Krabi Deluxe Pool Access

A Google Display Ads Success

  • Managed appointed agency to generate higher ROI on Google display ads
  • Improved SEO with keyword research, content writing and technical optimization
  • Created digital and marketing artworks, graphics and hotel collateral according to hotel guidelines 
  • Managed content on OTA channels 
  • Proposed annual digital strategy and budget

Our Homemade Recipe

We all know that Google display ads supposed to be more awareness-driven type of ads, meaning that they do not generate a high ROI, but not for this resort in Krabi. This resort has quite a stable performance and ROI at 7 : 1 which was considered high among its comparison. To get the already high ROI up, we worked with our own creative team and suggested new promotions according to season, then created attractive visuals that drew people in.

Awareness or ROI? Why Not Both? 

To achieve both awareness and ROI for our Google display ads, we also look at guest geography and refine our targeting criterias to focus on specific prospects who had an intent to travel and were surfing the web with content related to travel, Thailand or Krabi. The display ads were then served to those high potential customers. To capture the booking, we then remarketing our website visitors and people who showed interest in our prospecting ads and offered them an offer. This together resulted in an ROI of 12.8 : 1. 

Hotel Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok Holiday Inn Krabi Chef