Hotel SEO Agency Case Study


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+61% Visits

From organic search compared to last year


New keywords Added


Optimized for Thai searches

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Hotel SEO Agency’s Success Recipe


  • Identified low-hanging fixes right from the start with advanced tools. We covered everything from website page speed fix, keyword research, page optimization and technical fixes.
  • Created, proofread and uploaded content to the website. Our hotel SEO agency in Bangkok will get you covered without touching a thing.
  • Optimized the hotel website according to SEO best practices to get keywords in many categories such as restaurant, meeting & wedding, destination related and more to rank on the first page of Google.  
  • Researched relevant keywords to add to the website to generate more traffic in all areas such as rooms, spa, F&B and MICE.

Laying a Solid Foundation


As a professional hotel SEO agency in Bangkok, we quickly identified the opportunity for growth right from the start. The website is built with WordPress and had been optimized to some extend in English. However, it contains little to no Thai translation. This is where we capitalize on Thai SEO keywords.

This Pullman hotel is well known for its seafood buffet and most of their guests searched in Thai. It was clear that we could generate solid return by focusing on Thai restaurant related keywords. All of the keywords were selected according to their monthly search traffic and carefully matched with each page.

Consequently, hotel website organic visits grew 61% to over 230,000 per year after one year of doing hotel SEO with us. Many keywords were ranked on the first page for almost 2 years. Search terms like ‘best buffet in Bangkok’, ‘Seafood buffet in Bangkok’, ‘Wedding package in Bangkok’ and their variations in English and Thai are what made this possible. 

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