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Y-o-Y growth in ROI on
Google Adwords within 6 months (ROI = 15 : 1)


Less budget used on Google Adwords

1.5 Million

Impressions served in 3 months using Google Display Ads


Organic Reach per post on Facebook

Improvising the Old


  • Optimized and achieved a better ROI on their current Google Ads campaigns through a managed agency 
  • Focused on capturing guests from strategic countries rather than from the countries which are major revenue drivers  
  • Created a strategic content plan for social media to increase engagement and reach 
  • Planned yearly digital strategy with budget and get approval from the hotel team

Doubling Revenue, Half the Cost

Sometimes unbelievable growth comes from a true attention to detail. The hotel were running more than 5 campaigns when we first started, we began by revamping each campaign’s current keywords by keeping ROI in mind with secondary emphasis on the right amount of impression. Many non-performing keywords were removed and campaigns deleted. We then put all the efforts on targeting the right geosource in which the hotel aims to grow their footprint on and leave the ‘worldwide’ campaign to capture the frequent ones. After the revamp is completed, every country has its own budget weightage assigned and each campaign was optimized by time and date for highest conversion. To generate more awareness in these markets, display campaigns were launched periodically to prospect and retarget customers to book. 

This way, every dollar was spent as wisely as possible on the specific markets they wished to capture and their revenue from Google Ads grew over 200% in 6 months compared to


Social Media Content Strategy

We analyzed the social media content pillars, posting interval, boosting strategy, audience and more then we keep only what are of interest. We found that most of the posts are either restaurant promotions or events page about new offers. To put simply, they are too sales centric so the engagement rate suffers. 

The new social media content was made with high-engagement types of post, with a more balanced mix between architecture shots, staffs, events, user generated content, and promotions. Content copy has been shortened to 1-2 sentences with relavant hashtags and more VDOs and campaigns were introduced. The page enjoyed over 80% increase in their organic reach per post and over 200% more engaged fans. 

Winning Next Year Before it Comes

We layed a 360 digital strategy with regards to YTD information from the hotel, market trends and researches gathered from many sources including the Department of Tourism and Sports. We have identified potential markets and put year-plan in place, month-by-month. Each channel had budget attached and duration of the actions were thoughtfully laid out with regards to each market travel dates, achieving the right balance of clientele the hotel desired. The digital strategy supported the hotel strategy as a whole.