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Organic Traffic within 3 months


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E-commerce Goals Tracked


Our SEO & Google Ads Approaches


  • SEO strategy, website audit, keyword tracking, article writing and optimization
  • Link building services 
  • Google Ads campaign creation for both search and shopping campaigns
  • Detailed conversion tracking from start-end of both website e-commerce funnel (13 goals total) 

It All Started with Audits.

LocknLock Thailand has two websites: www.locknlocklife.com which is quite new, and www.locknlock.co.th which is loaded with more product lines to sell. Both needs a good SEO optimization to bring more organic traffic, and sales, to the websites.

Convert Digital started with a detailed SEO audit for both, analyzing every page and link for errors to solve. Then, we identify potential keyword groups to rank for according to each website’s direction. Once we uncover both, we quickly proceed to implement necessary tracking such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager with the team for a solid start.

For Google Ads, we began registering Merchant Center and Google Ads account for the team, then proceed on setting up campaigns. All of the above tasks were done within the first week.

*The charts are for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect the business in any way.


SEO Strategy

With the help of our tools, we notice quite a clear keyword trend for each website: locknlocklife.com for Air Fryer related products and locknlock.co.th their kitchen wares. We then gear our content writing toward these areas along with our detailed on-page optimization to drive results. We enjoyed seeing both website keywords grew from almost nothing (locknlocklife.com) to a 200+ keywords sites that have a few products ranked on page 1 and 2 of Google within the first 3 months. Consequently our website traffic increases so much like never before.

We also closely monitor our competition. As such, we know which keywords they are ranked for, at which position, and how we can reverse-engineer their success for those ranked better. We work knowing where we are in the market in terms of visibility.

From an image on the left, we clearly see our website keyword pool growing as time passed both by number and ranking.

*The charts are for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect the business in any way.

Google Ads Performance

SEO takes a while, we get it. This is why we are entrusted with Google Ads campaign to bring immediate results. We structure our campaigns according to product line, product group, target demographics and more along with Google’s best practice. We reap orders online and send considerable traffic to the websites with as low as THB 2.7 per click. This supports our overall marketing strategy and bring us on par with giants like Shopee, Central and more who are basically selling our products.

With both SEO and Google Ads combined, we are set to achieve a long-term success online as proven by our results.