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Social Media Management You Need


  • Lighting Library has been posting on social with almost no visibility or enagement. The firm does not have a clear strategy to what they wanted to achieve and they didn’t have the time to go through the painstaking content writing in detail. This is why they trust our digital marketing agency in Bangkok for the task to drive visibility, engagement and sales.
  • Since Lighting Library is a distributor of luxurious European lamp brands, our content needs to be researched in detail and include both technical specifications, brand story, designer’s vision and much more.
  • We started with analyzing what our competitors are doing on social, then agree with the owners which strategy we are going for and execute it as planned.
  • Social media management also includes paid social ads in which we controlled monthly budget and share detailed findings regularly with our client.
  • See the full glory at @Lighting_LibraryLightingLibraryThailand

Writing Content at the Next Level


Luxury products. Heritage. Brand’s vision. Technical details. Content writing. Engagement. Sales. All of these are combined into each of our 12 post/month.

Since social media management’s success is measured by how well we build an engaging community, we chose engagement as our main KPI. How do we define it? We use post saves, shares, link clicks and messages to determine how well our client engage with our content.

Paid advertising is used sparingly to get extended visibility, but still focus most on getting engagement.


Planning Success For a Year to Come


  • Not just social media pages we are building, we actually think 1 year ahead of how we plan to convert social media engagement to website traffic to sales.
  • E-commerce website has been on development since we take on Lighting Library project. We aim to build a site that fully comply with Google SEO guidelines and best practices
  • Google Ads is another channel we have been planning since the beginning and will roll out from the first day the website is launch. Keyword research for owners to see how much traffic is estimated from each keyword is ready way before we run.
  • Long term SEO goal is planned by writing 2-4 long articles per month with researched keywords above in both English and Thai. This will drive our organic ranking up, getting us revenue in the long run.