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EN & TH posts with graphics / month

<THB 40

Cost per message from social media ads


Months of strategic planning included


Average organic engagement in 3 months


B2B Giant’s New Product Lines

  • Earthbox is currently manufacturing and exporting all kinds of packaging for business across Thailand and International firms but wants to expand more into home decor and business solution.
  • The B2B side does fine. But they want to grow B2C sales by launching new lines of products: ARTcrylix (acrylic stands), Canvas, and more.
  • We are tasked with art direction, social media content & strategy, then growing their new-found online division.
  • We proposed everything from selected mood & tone to writing style which later gets +28% more engagement than average.
  • After 3 months, Convert Digital is now trusted to take care of their Google Ads, SEO and more as featured in All-in-One package.

The Art Direction

This complimentary service some of the best social media marketing agency in Bangkok offers along with the pack. We started by bringing our talented artist into the meeting, drafting different styles, then approving them to go forward.

As graphics is one of the crucial points, Earthbox has been working very closely with our graphic designer to adjust everything they may need each month. This way, we provide all social media graphics in line with what the client needs.


Behind the Scene

On social, you may see our professional photos with the graphic style above. As one of the best social media marketing agency in Bangkok, we dedicate ourselves for a hands-on experience to ensure everything is done right.

Our production team set up the stage, buy props and more just to get a good shot. Then the raw photos will be edited into exact sizes for posts.

After the posts are planned, the content team will write captivating texts in both English and Thai then plan to promote them to potential audiences.

More Than What Meets the Eyes

After the first 3 months with Earthbox, they are satisfied with our works and we are humbled to receive even more responsibility that includes SEO Optimization, Google Ads, and digital marketing strategy for their new lines of products. Our KPIs are clear in terms of awareness, engagement and revenue growth and we, as one of the best social media marketing agency in Bangkok, will do our best to deliver sizable growth to Earthbox.