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5,000+ Leads

In just 2 months


Goal completed on website


Leads waiting to be called/day

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Who Says B2B Can’t Use Digital:


  • System Stone had trouble acquiring new freemium users to its CMMS so Convert Digital overhaul their social media presence and ads
  • Created social content on Facebook and IG
  • Researched and implemented digital strategy for growth, startup style!

5,000+ Leads in 2 months 


With System Stone, we quickly identified target markets around factory professionals from management to line staffs. There, we worked with the company to identify regions and client demographics to allow us to fish in the best ocean.

After 2 months of trial and error, we delivered and exceed our target of 5,000 new leads within 3 months. Actually, we did too well they have more than 800 leads/day waiting to be called so they stop us.

Aside from getting new leads to fuel the company, another part of the work is to analyze global market for their next expansion and implement marketing efforts on all channels.

Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok Project System Stone CMMS Mobile

+131% More Results in 1 Month


  • System Stone goals are based around collecting users’ leads from their website. We implement detailed tracking to ensure we know how many goals are completed in which page, which button, and from which channel
  • We provide detailed report and recommendations so our client knows how much leads are coming through from social media, paid ads, referral, direct or organic search
  • With our consultation, we recommend steps to be completed on the website so in-house team can work upon them and improve website’s effectiveness even more