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+61% Visits

From organic search compared to last year


New keywords Added


Optimized for Thai searches


Set the Table Up for Success: 


  • ASQ Website built in 2 weeks. Tracking all data from chats, form submission and more to eventually get 100+ leads in the first month along with Google Ads campaigns.
  • All-in-One Plan to cover everything from SEO to OTA  
  • Researched relevant keywords to add to the website to generate more traffic in all areas such as rooms, spa, F&B and MICE
  • Created and Optimized Google PPC Campaigns, resulting in more than 3x increase in Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Created all advertising content and ads according to industry best practices
  • Consulted in digital strategy and setting up an in-house digital team

On-going Support

A year after and our team and Zenith Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok are best friends. We take care of every aspect of digital marketing from housekeeping like Google My Business update to SEO and OTA consultation. With our All-in-One service, there is literally nothing that is out of scope. We help everything digital from start to finish, both learning from each other as we accomplished our goals one after another. We are grateful for such a great staff party and heartwarming gestures of the team at Zenith Sukhumvit.

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangkok Project Zenith Sukhumvit Team