August 5, 2021

Ranked #1 on Google with Google Ads

by Rawin Rojanathara in Business Owner Tips

So. What is Google Ads?

Get your website up and above all others with Google Ads

Google Ads is a form of ads that uses keywords to trigger. When your customers search something related to your business on Google, the ads will show on #1-4 position on Google’s first page.

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Why Ranking #1 on Google Matters

The difference of being on top of the first page and somewhere else is enormous. Imagine the first top 3 results getting 80% of all the clicks, and business. If your SEO game is not strong enough to rank there organically, using Google Ads campaign will bring you the same advantage with some investment.

Face it. You’re now in a competition where there’s no day or night. No borders. You can only get above your competitors by serving the right offer to the right person at the right time, which could be 4 a.m. in the morning. Google Ads can help you do just that with its functionalities. You can choose to show or not to show ads to certain areas of the world, certain keywords, times or search conditions.

How Our Google Ads is Different?

Google Ads campaign creation can be done in many different ways. We follow Google’s best practice which is constantly updated. We also discuss with Google’s rep each month for our clients. Conversion tracking is also a complimentary service from our side to help you understand how Google Ads brings you increased business. You will have complete control of how you spend, campaign structure, what to measure and many more with us.

After running your campaign for a month, you should have insights on how your competitors are bidding and how much shares they currently have. We also have data aside from Google’s platform to better analyze the niche you may be profitable in and track how your competiors are aiming for.

Analyzing Your Results

Once invested, you will see metrics such as impression, clicks, click-through-rate (CTR), etc. We will cross-check these results with other tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more to optimize your ROI.

You will know exactly how many users are visiting your website from Google Ads and also know which goals they hit and where they hit them. This level of insights will be provided with our complimentary conversion tracking.


Managing Your Resources

Your firm have an allocated resource and we know hiring an in-house digital marketing team will be a considerable investment. Why invest so much when you can hire a full team as well with just THB 20,000 to do what you need to achieve? Our staffs are veteran on the subject and hold Google Ads Search, Display and Video certifications. You can rest assured we know what we are doing and save this chuck of budget to invest on something else.

Now you may consider investing in Google Ads to see if this works for you. Whether you invest or not, remember, an untapped space will eventually be tapped. And you do not want your competitor to gain influence there. Ask us today and see for yourself how cost-effective this is.