September 6, 2019

Thailand Digital Trends 2018-2019

by Rawin Rojanathara in Uncategorized

Thailand Digital Trends 2018-2019

“Key points businesses should aware in 2019. A short read for a good long term plan.”

  • Thailand digital advertising spend is still much behind what it should have been. In 2018, we are forecasting THB 14,973 million total spend, a 21% increase from last year and +56% compared to 2016.


  • Digital Advertising Association (Thailand) is thinking about a monitored qualification exam for people to evaluate their digital skills. They believe this will help company find talents and help people who might not have experience to move into digital field. 


  • Driving sales through online, offline channel and e-commerce was forecasted to account to 19% of budget spent on digital media, up from 10%. However, more than 30% of total budget is spent on building awareness. 


  • Top industry to spend on online advertising continues to be: Automotive, communication, skin-care and banking. 


  • Rising star industries in terms of growth in 2018 are Motorcycle, Real estate, Office equipment, Clothing, Seasoning products and Skin-care. Travel industry is expecting +74% increase in digital advertising spent.


  • Video media has been growing across all channels. YouTube and Facebook ads video are kings. 


Business spent on: 

#1 – Facebook

#2 – YouTube

#3 – Display Campaign

#4 – PPC (Search) 

#5 – Creative Production (Photo & video production) 

#6 – Social media 

#7 – LINE

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Discipline Growth:

Facebook remains the most used channel with most growth followed by YouTube, display campaign and PPC. One thing to note is that business invests heavily (THB 1,340 million) on ‘Creative’ to improve their brand and marketing message across those channels. 

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  • Instant messaging (SMS) is on the decline with only THB 2 million spent in 2018


  • Key challenges for digital marketer in 2018 are the lack of talent and continuous launch of new tools. This continues in 2019.


  • Digital disruption urge businesses like banking to adapt and rethink how they make money, top management should clearly understand how this is impacting the overall business and which direction should it goes. For example, people buy insurance online and turn it on or off using an application. How do you shift sales there? 


  • Online advertising can be more effective using big data. However, effectiveness of a campaign is a mix between creative, content and data analytics. Most businesses today focus on data analytics to optimize their performance.