July 22, 2021

Business Branding and How to Get Started

by Rawin Rojanathara in Business Owner Tips

Logo Branding, Business Branding and More

Logo Branding and your business branding are something companies cannot neglect in 2021. Since competitive landscape has shifted over the years, brands compete in a more advanced level of having their own ‘Brand Values’ communicated through various channels. Since branding encompasses all aspects of your business from appearance, pricing, values, etc., brands need to define and deliver their own promise to position themselves where they wanted to be within the market.

There are many ways of refining your own brand: using company colours, defining brand promise, using brand persona and tone of voice, having a good logo, etc. Since branding is closely tie with graphics and how you communicate, companies always get started with logo design.

Your logo speaks volumes about your company. Would it be professional and stern, or would it be futuristic and playful? Would it have a subtle meaning about something your brand offers? We recommend getting a professional designer to help with logo branding, or if you wish to do it yourself, consider platform such as www.logogenie.net to create one. After logo design, you may start to think of your company’s persona.

This company persona means if your company is a person, what would he or she be like? How old? What is he or she interested in and how would this person speak to others? Having this persona defined will help you a lot on overall communication and ultimately how you position yourself in the market. By defining your logo and graphics, brand values, and persona, your business will have a much clearer branding than ever.