August 31, 2022

What is a Cookieless World?

by Rawin Rojanathara in Business Owner Tips

Does a world without cookies sound scary to you? Aside from kids and cookie lovers, business owners and marketers will likely cry in a cookieless world. 


A “cookieless world” is a term brought by Google’s announcement that it will stop supporting third-party cookies on their Chrome browser going forward. Any data transferred with these cookies are therefore lost. This means marketers will have a hard time trying to track users on your website and their actions as there is no third-party cookie anymore. Without accepting cookies, your website analytics tools may not run at all, making any customer personalization and ads optimization unavailable. 


Preparing for a cookieless world is something most businesses will need to do sooner or later. Today Convert Digital would like to share some groundworks to prepare your business for this crucial change. 

Cookieless World 101

1.Have a Proper Cookie Consent Bar

In line with international GDPR or Thailand’s PDPA, a cookie consent bar on any website is a MUST. If you don’t have this “cookie bar” already, ask your website developer to put it on the website to comply. If you are using WordPress, there are plug-ins to use for free. Note that if you use this consent bar and your website visitor does NOT click on “Accept”, chances are your website analytics tools will not run at all. This not only makes it hard for you to know exactly how many users, but also leaves you in the blind when it comes to tracking customer actions on your website. 

Read more about Thailand’s PDPA here:

2. Build Your Own Database 

In a cookieless world, it’s all about how you can get hold of “First-party Data” from your customers. This could be through your day-to-day operations, through online forms, etc. CRM tools have become more and more relevant and how you collect your customers’ name, email, tel, and more and make use of those later on for ads. Many ad platforms need your customer data to optimize ad performance. You can think of this as a substitute for cookies when it is not there anymore. 


3. Email Marketing is Not Dead

Despite the debate that email marketing is dead, it could be a great low-cost channel you could use to get new business and retain your existing customers. It could also adapt to collect user information through built-in forms and more that your user can engage with, then you can use these data to your benefit. 


4. Build Customer Loyalty and Repurchase 

When we can’t use cookies to target, say, people who have purchased your product or people who abandon carts, building customer loyalty becomes more important. There are many CRM tools to keep track of your user retention and repurchase both of which would make a good goal to improve going forward. 

New Standards, New Solutions

The dawn of the cookieless world and first-party data collection means that businesses will have to push a bit harder to collect customer data in an organized manner while improving retention and repeat purchase. The time is now, so start strategizing your plans and take them into action otherwise you risk being left behind with this wave of change.

Not sure how to start? Consult Convert Digital today and we will break this down to you. We offer a complete All-in-One solution along with A la Carte services that are just right with your needs. Read more at: