September 5, 2020

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

by Rawin Rojanathara in Business Owner Tips

Digital Marketing Agency for SME – The Why.

As an owner of small to mid-sized business, you are evaluating the pros and cons of hiring an experienced digital marketing agency for SME or just hire an in-house professional. We will point out the comparison for you.


Digital Marketing Agency for SME. Is it worth it?

You may wonder why you might need a digital marketing agency for SMEs. You may think your business has a clear marketing strategy and execution on multiple channels. But is it really true? In this article we will address some of the most common hurdles and why hiring a digital marketing agency may be a good idea for your business. Digital marketing consists of many areas and each one requires a different skill set. Therefore, even multi-million companies will find that their in-house team could not address all necessary areas required to execute their vision. This is where you may find that digital marketing agency for SME may come in handy. Your business will be taking care of by seasoned team of professionals with a much lower cost and a flexible contract compared to hiring a full team. Our Bangkok based digital marketing agency for SMEs is behind rapid growth of many businesses in service, manufacturing, food, hotel, real estate, fashion, tech industries and more. Diverse, high-level teams of professionals provide a full range of digital marketing services and consultation on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Social media management, marketing strategy and all you could imagine as if we are your in-house marketing department.

Why hire?

Usually start-ups are inexperienced in their first few years of the business, hence there are high chances it might doom. To charge up the growth of their business, SMEs need digital marketing services to generate better and higher revenues. Many expertise starts with small business but due to fewer funds cannot advertise or make use of proper online channels. Investing in digital marketing agencies gives them highest ROI.

The Best Whys?

An affordable deal against a big return. An in-house team won’t be able to cover up all the required areas.  Many tools and technologies are available that are expensive and its difficult for SMEs to bear its cost burden. Thus hiring a digital marketing agency for SME resolves this issue as they already have such costly installed tools and technologies.

Deeper Insights

Digital marketing agency usually have close contact with Google, Facebook and so on thus they can provide best practices on services such as Google ads that helps a business to survive and target the right people by guaranteeing proven results. They provide the world with what they need and tell the uniqueness of the business thus reaching exact customers. Mobile technology has given wider wings to this technology to reach newer heights. Today there is no need for customers to approach a business but their own company backed with the right digital marketing agency for SME can reach audiences or customers without much efforts.


We speak numbers. Digital marketing agency for SME work for their clients according to their goals and tailor the whole digital marketing actions for results. Users are guaranteed that their goal is achieved no matter what and how the business set up is. Social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization keeps an active and effective interaction between audiences and the business owners which turns into higher results. Covering a wider audience is important to grow a business and thus increases sales revenue. As Bangkok’s top digital marketing agency for SMEs, we understand your investment constrains and top line expectations. You can simply break the contract anytime if we don’t perform.

Cost Effectiveness

Hiring an in-house team can be expensive, not to mention you will have fixed expense that keeps growing every year. A professional digital marketing manager could cost you somewhere around THB 80,000/month (appx $2,600) in Thailand. Hiring one person who may not be strong in all areas of digital marketing could leave your business vulnerable to competitors without you knowing.

With experienced digital marketing agency for SME, your Digital marketing strategy is planned and executed with professional teams at a cost much lesser than if you hire this actual team. You will have professionals that are trained and experienced in each separate fields of digital to support your business. This is why you will not leave an opportunity unexplored with our digital marketing agency for SMEs.


Why Our Clients Stay?

  • We chart out detailed user journey from start to finish and allocate marketing actions to each step. With your business insights and our expertise, we present a solid road map to success
  • Utmost professionalism is guaranteed at Convert Digital. Our dedicated teams works round the clock to assist and solve queries 24/7. Consultation is always included so business owners never have to wonder how to proceed.

What Else?

  • We have successfully achieved an ROI (Return on Investment) of more than 160: 1 for our existing clients by social media advertising alone. Imagine how much they get when they do it right in all areas. For every dollar 1 invested in digital marketing, $160 is the earnings generated. Analytics integrated with the website helps in easily measuring the ROI.
  • High flexibility in the scope of the work is granted. With our All-in-One package, our digital marketing agency for SME offers simple, effective, quick, detailed, and hassle-free solutions. Nothing is out of scope.
  • Our portfolio is comprehensive consisting global portfolio having small to large enterprises and we have made each one successful in their desired endeavors. We focus at getting more access to international markets and are able to define the target audience. We aim at building a community for the client’s products or services in keeping a brand image.