August 5, 2021

Why You Need a Social Media Agency?

by Rawin Rojanathara in Uncategorized

How Is It Better From Doing It Yourself? Social media is now a common platform businesses cannot ignore. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, LINE OA and more, social media is another mean you need to capitalize better than your competition. But how? This is where our social media agency in Bangkok comes to the table. Today’s competition on social media is tough and it gets tougher each year. More brands are hiring professionals to write content, create compelling graphic and buy ads for your competition. Sometimes knowing how best to invest or not invest is probably the most crucial advantage you can have.

Moreover, with more and more complicated platforms, you may find it harder to hire a full-time expert without investing considerable money. Why not hiring a full team with less investment instead? We offer solid experience with a fraction of the cost.


Because Understanding, Better Communication

It’s not just for the sake of doing social media, doing it well require solid understanding of your business. Our social media agency seek to combine business acumen with our expertise to achieve better results. We do everything from charting strategy, working on KPIs, creating your Mood & tone , doing actual work and track results so you know what works.

Tone of Voice in Social Media

Tone of voice is what your brand speaks. It’s about how you choose your wording, your brand persona, how your brand communicate. This can be formal or rather playful. Ultimately, a consistent tone of voice should match with your target audience and eventually promote brand awareness and engagement.


Mood & Tone for Social Media Graphics

Mood & tone of your content is one of the most important first impression your business would have on social media. At Convert Digital we will propose a professional mood & tone board for you to approve and work alongside your graphic designer for an optimal result. Should you need us to take care of everything, that’s also an option.


Define Your Audience

Knowing who exactly you would want to target is the basic many businesses tend to overlook. Without a clear goal of what you want and who you communicate to, there is no point. We will help you define your various target audience and their interests, then chart our content and graphic so to be most effective.

  • Things such as location, city
  • Interests, age, occupation, relationship status, etc.
  • People who visited your website (retargeting)
  • People who have similar interests as your customers (Lookalike Audience) can be targeted if you have customer database on hand
  • And many more methods to reach your audiences

Getting this right is crucial. We offer our experience in setting the most effective campaigns and lay down a solid structure that allows you to do A/B testing along with us.

Measuring Results

With your investment, it’s time you measure results to evaluate whether you need to invest more or less. The criteria you need to look at will be different based on your objectives.

  • Awareness – Get more people to see what you have to offer. We could do million people using just a few ten thousand baht.
  • Engagement – For more like, comment and share on your post.
  • Website Traffic – Send targeted people to your website to buy products/services there.
  • Message – Get a direct message in your inbox to close sales with your admin.

All basic measures above could be tracked in numbers, making it very clear how you should proceed with your advertising budget. We could keep the ones that does well and cross off ones that is too expensive. Leave this to us and we will do it real-time for you.

Our Social Media Services:

  • Create 12 social media posts / month (not including graphics unless we can use brand photos)
  • Create unlimited social media campaigns
  • No set-up fee or management fee, ever.
  • Analyze results and consult you on how you should proceed in online marketing.
  • Save your budget with a minimum of THB 30,000/month for a full team with 10 years of experience. No extra cost.

Hiring an Digital Marketing Agency can be a headache when they tend to have hidden costs and media spend fee which fluctuates.

They may charge you ‘Media Spend Fee’ of 10-15% on your advertising spent and many digital marketing agencies have THB 50,000-120,000 for just FB and IG management. Seeing this painpoint, we offer a package that is complete, econominal and effective.