July 22, 2021

Writing Social Media Content for ‘Shares’

by Rawin Rojanathara in Business Owner Tips

Why Writing Social Media Content for 'Shares'

We are living in the world that almost every people are using social media in their daily lives from morning to bedtime. Your digital marketing strategy is most likely involved one or more social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LINE OA and YouTube. If you want your business to have more exposure on these channels, one of the best metric to focus on is the number of shares. Followed by comments and like.

The Power of the ‘Share’ Button

Social media is built for sharing. You share your post to the world or share others posts on your own timeline. This act of mass sharing could make or break your business. For example, European Food Co., Ltd., the owner of Pepo jelly once hitted top 10 twitter hashtag resulting in a spike in sales within that short period of time. Such is the power of sharing and why you should aim for it.

Writing Social Media Content for people to ‘Share’

Writing content on social media should focus on getting the highest number of shares. We understand that you need to publish promotions and sell your products/services, but these types of posts usually do not get many shares. The solution is to mix your social media plan with something worth sharing indeed, such as tips & trick related to your business, noteworthy updates, infographics and more. If you content is well written and prove to be of good value, people will automatically share it, getting your business much better exposure in turn.

Knowing this, you can go back to the drawing board and plan how you wish to mix your sharable content with your usual sales posts. With proper content and advertising, your social media performance, and sales, could be much better.