September 6, 2019

Email Marketing 101

by Rawin Rojanathara in Uncategorized

Email Marketing 101

“Merry Christmas! How many marketing emails did you received prior to this day?” 

It’s Christmas, and perhaps you received soooo many push notifications and emails prompting you to purchase something. As a business, you wish to remind your customer that you have great festive offers and perhaps link that to your website to secure a purchase – but how best? 

Find An Email Marketing Platform

First of all, you cannot send an email to your database without an email marketing platform that will provide a responsive and beautiful design. While some businesses prefer to use email to send this out, the problem is you cannot have any analytics to understand which promotion works better. We recommend using Mailchimp as it is one of the best in email industry. It is also free for start-ups, at least until a certain number of emails in your database has been reached.

Design With Good Creatives

Do you have stunning images that user feel want to click and buy? Graphics play a very important role in getting clicks and sales. Hire a professional might sound a bit overboard for some business, but the result will make a clear different in online marketing. 

Timing is Everything: Usually an EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) or email we received everyday will be most effective with the right frequency. In some business, an email is effective if delivered once a week and in some case, once a month. There are tools to help you evaluate whether your customer base prefer more or less frequency. Just let us know.

Understand Email KPIs: To evaluate the effectiveness of your email, you need to look for 

Delivery rate: How many % of people in your customer list actually get the email. Note that their inbox may be full, incorrect email address, server block, etc. could impact this rate.

Open rate: How many % of people who received an email opened it. This has something to do with how you write your email subject line and if what you offer interests your customer at the time.  

Click rate: How many % of people who opened, clicked on any of the offer. Usually you will have a different tracking link for each promotion inside the email so you know which one is more effective

Unsubscribe rate: How many people unsubscribed from your mailing list after getting your recent message. If you send your email too often, this can bother people leading to a high unsubscribe rate. 

When you benchmark these against your industry average, you will know if your email marketing has been effective or not. For now, happy festive season!