May 19, 2021

SEO Agency Bangkok with Measurable Results

by Rawin Rojanathara in SEO

SEO Agency Bangkok Like No Other

SEO Agency is the term many business owners are familiar with when you speak to your marketing person, but not in detail. There are many SEO agencies in Bangkok which offer pretty much the same thing, getting you to the top of page 1 on Google. But since business owners are usually not a technical SEO expert, you would not understand the length of work each SEO agency Bangkok employs to make a difference. In this article we seek to explain to some detail about the ‘content writing’ part of SEO. Aside from this, there are still many more parts that need to work in unison to make your website rank #1 such as on-page SEO optimization, link building and many more.


What is SEO and Why You Need It?

SEO optimization is all about getting your website to rank on page 1, preferably #1 on search engines like Google. When you are on page 1 when people search for your products or services, you will save your advertisement budget immensely while reaping visibility, website traffic and revenue. This is achieved with only when you have the right technical optimization and meaningful content. You will need a fast-loading website that runs great on mobile, unique contents that relates to your searchers, and technical optimization skills to choose the right keywords. 

You may find that most SEO agency Bangkok is speaking the same thing. This article will then talks about the limitation others may have, and how our SEO agency Bangkok can show you positive trends with clear number & graph from the first month – all at a fraction of the cost. So, let’s dive in.

SEO Agency Bangkok with Exceptional Value

  1. Optimal results, minimum investment: Our SEO agency Bangkok offers a team of SEO professionals with 10+ years of hands on experience. Our clients both domestic and international in various industries are enjoying measurable improvements month on month. This comes with only minimal investment compared to other SEO agencies in Bangkok.
  2. No restrictions on keyword and page count: Some other SEO agency Bangkok will place steep restrictions to how many keywords and pages they will optimize for you within a certain price. We don’t. We optimize your whole website in one SEO package. No hidden or extra charge.
  3. Guaranteed results: We track your progress since day 1 starting from SEO audit. You will see how your website grows in terms of number of keywords, ranking of keywords and number of quality pages. We say you should see substantial results from 8-12 months.
  4. Success cases: You can see our SEO case studies and achievements here in our projects page.

Why Should I Rank on Page 1?

Because why not? If you are ranked at position 1-3 on Google, you get more than 75% of all the clicks. As they say, the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google. If your business does not rank, you will need to pay for advertising to get website traffic that should have less quality compared to customers who finds you via SEO (organic search).

How Does our SEO Agency Writes?

Writing a good SEO article means we are writing not only to sell your product or service, but we aim to provide most value to a customer within that search keyword. Only by writing 10x better than all other articles in our area can you rank #1 on Google. We strive to provide a complete, relevant and technically optimized articles that is clearly better than the rest.

Common Challenges of Doing SEO

  1. Choosing the right keyword: Of course, most SEO agency in Bangkok or even marketing professionals will use Google Keyword Planner tool or some other paid tools such as MOZ, Ahref of SEMrush to help identify potential keywords. However, it is up to experience still for us to choose the most effective keyword to use as you will stick to it for months. 
  2. Overoptimize by duplicating the exact keyword: This is one of the popular methods that will fade with time because now Google started to pick up ‘meaning’ or ‘intent’ rather than exact word. We aim to write for great reader experience instead.
  3. Copy-pasting content from other sites: Adjusting parts of other website’s content will get you nowhere these days. If you are a fewer website traffic than the one you copied, then you have set yourself for failure as Google will demote you and promote the other one instead. Remember, your content needs to be unique. 
  4. Ranking for less importance keywords: You may have articles and keywords that rank #1 on Google but has nothing to do with your core business. Supposed you are a hotel, but you rank for housekeeping service, In this case, ranking means nothing to you. 
  5. Quantity over Quality: More articles or longer word count don’t always mean you are doing a better job. It’s about quality of each article, each word as well. Getting this right requires experience.

You may find that writing a good SEO article requires both business understanding and SEO expertise. While most business owners excel in their domain, they seriously lack people who can translate the same to the digital world. This is where you may need our SEO Agency in Bangkok to get your website on the map.

Why Choose Convert Digital?

Yes, there are 1,000 other SEO Agency in Bangkok alone. But how many would show you every single detail of what you did wrong, how we solve it, and how your website traffic and keyword improve over time using clear-cut numbers? Our professional SEOs are using world-class SEO tools to deeply analyze your website and those of your competitors, map out how you perform, and chart your route to success. You will see competitors you may not even consider and deeply analyzed data of why they are ahead, or behind you. Moreover, our SEO Agency in Bangkok does not limit keyword count or number of pages we optimize. It’s one service for the whole website in reasonable price compared to others. You save your budget while getting optimal results when working with us. We guarantee your improvement in 8-12 months.