October 16, 2020

Reduce OTAs Commission With Hotel SEO

by Rawin Rojanathara in Business Owner Tips

Increase Book Direct. Pay Less Commission.

Your hotel is struggling to compete with not just others hotels, but did you notice how much you rely on OTA (Online Travel Agent) such as Booking.com, Expedia or Trip.com? Some hotel pays more than 20% commission in every channel. In this article we share a practical guide to boost your website with SEO for your long term revenue.


Why Do You Need a Hotel SEO Agency Bangkok?

It should be quite clear why Hotel SEO Agency Bangkok is crucial to your revenue stream. No hotel would like to rely 70-90% of their income on Expedia, Booking.com or Trip.com and other OTA (Online Travel Agent) with their hefty commission. If you are a chain hotel you may navigate quite fine with brand name, but for individual hotels with little to no hotel SEO knowledge, they won’t have a chance at direct booking at all.

Hotel SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the crucial elements of digital marketing as it drives more visits to your hotel website. The tasks is an on-going efforts of optimizing website performance, researching the right keywords, writing quality content, building online presence through links and directories. With its specialized nature, many hotels do not touch open this important area of improvement which is where your opportunity lies.

In this article we will outline what you can consider as a quick SEO checklist you could go through with your website. A brief self SEO audit can be done.

Your Checklist

  • Check your SSL certificate

Our hotel SEO agency Bangkok will evaluate the performance of your site by doing in-depth SEO audit. Sometimes what hinders you is as simple as seeing if you have a valid SSL certificate. This is done by checking https at the beginning of the website and if it starts with http you are not using SSL certificate.

  • Research your keyword search volume

You should find new keywords or phrases that relate to your product or services. Signing into Google ads account and then searching keywords by using keyword tools such as “discover new keywords”  and  “get search volume and  forecasts “ gives best results for SEO – focused keyword search.

  • Write quality content

Our Hotel SEO agency Bangkok could help you improve existing content and write fresh articles to attracts visitors to the site. The content must be quite informational that keeps user glued and engaged to the site. A blog section is often needed in any hotel website to add more chance to publish more content on your site for Google to rank. The content itself also must be unique and useful.

  • Check your online presence

GMB is a tool which is easy to use for businesses and organizations to manage the websites online presence. Verified businesses by GMB are more likely considered reputable by the consumers. They help in managing business information as a simple search finds the business on Google maps and search engines.


More to Consider

Many tools are available that check the website speed. GTmetrix.com is a tool for customers to test the webpage performance. It provides the Y slow score, Page speed score, Analysis options, assesses waterfall video report history and full details of page loading. With a GTmetrix Pro account helps in testing page in different countries, regions, browsers, connection speeds and many more key metrics are considered.

  • Technical optimization

The Meta title, Meta description, alt tag are very important in the hotel SEO. Optimizing them will increase the website search. To find the Meta title and Meta description, you must go to the webpage and click F12 or ctrl +U.

  1. Meta title describes the content, it includes keyword and both computer and users must understand it hence it should be simple enough. The length should be between 50-60 characters.
  2. Meta description comes immediately after the Meta title. This is important for ranking of the page. It describes the content on the page and is in HTML tag. It must contain a keyword. It must be well framed and provoke a reader to click on it with its information.
  3. Alt tag: Alt attribute, alt description are some of the other names of Alt tag. Alt tags are useful in interpreting images and the alt text in included in the image tag. The images must be optimized for better search and rank.