September 6, 2019

Prepare Your Business for Digital

by Rawin Rojanathara in Uncategorized

Prepare Your Business for Digital: Adapt or Become Obsolete

“Digital Marketing has become a must in today’s competitive landscape. You either adapt to it, or die slowly as your competitor steals your share. Here’s some tips.” 

Are you an established business which leans heavily on traditional approaches? Are you losing your customer to competitors without even knowing how to prevent it? Or perhaps you are a new business owner who doesn’t know how best to set your business up to compete effectively? 

Clear your mind and go through this short list to get started. 


Forgive us for asking something like this, but do you have a website? And if yes, does it really work? Don’t get us wrong, some business does not need a website, but it is still a money making machine if done right.  

As a digital marketing agency in Bangkok, we have seen so many great businesses without a website. For us, these are untapped revenue stream that could be yours and we will plan with you to make sure it is yours. 

Another case we see often is our clients come with a half-baked website. Most of these websites have many common restrictions, for example, you may not change the structure of the site by creating a new landing page or a new section, in some case, you cannot edit the text as often as you would like and you need to wait before it gets done. 

So what is a good website?

  • Mobile friendly: Traffic these days comes from mobile, you need to look sharp across all platforms.
  • Loads fast: Your customers’ attention span is roughly 2-3 seconds. If your website does not load within that time, you lost them. 
  • Built for SEO: Does it allow you to edit ‘Title tag’, ‘Alt tag’ or ‘Meta description’ and more? If not, you cannot optimize your site.
  • Complete: Write unique content both texts and images and not copy it from the internet. Google knows and will rank you badly for it. Your address and contact should be correct.  
  • Convert: Your website has its purposes; does it give you new leads, order, booking and more? If not, maybe it’s time you change. 

2.Website Analytics

Once you have your beautiful website that sells, you will want to know how many visitors have entered to your website, where do they come from, and which promotion they are interested in. All of these could be answered by using Google Analytics, a free tool to help track customer behavior on your site. 

To understand how Google Analytics works, please visit here. For most of our services, we will have a complimentary Google Analytics tracking integration for you so you don’t need to concern about all the technical stuffs. 

3.Social Channels

Business knows they need to be on social, but do you need all of it or just some? As a digital marketing agency in Bangkok we look further to your customers’ geography. We know that not all platforms are effective in different location. You need to know that as well. 

For example, if you are targeting Chinese customers, do you invest in WeChat, Weibo and Unionpay? If not, chances are you are losing to competitors who secure all those channels. 

On social, we recommend you to have at least Facebook, Instagram and LINE@ account, depending on your type of business. Some may rely more on visuals and need a YouTube account. The key is to consider your manpower and production capabilities. There is no point having 7 accounts and no content to post consistently. 

If you are not sure or would like to consult our experts to audit and manage accounts, let us know.

4.Google My Business

As stated in another article about Local SEO, your presence on Google is very important and will get you a lot of business. You need to make sure that your business name, address and phone numbers are consistent across the internet. This means you need to edit all the sites you are listed on every now and then. 

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5.Strategy and Budget

You want to achieve in digital marketing, but do you have a solid plan? Most businesses do not allocate enough manpower and budget for digital marketing, and thus could not compete in the market. Many executives still don’t understand how and why digital advertising can help support company strategy. This is a common hurdle for both in-house digital marketer and digital marketing agency in Bangkok alike. Let us handle this and explain how you can grow revenue and impression with excellent ROI. 

If you are not sure how to proceed or how much to ask for your annual budget, consult us and we can explain to you step by step which channels are most suitable to invest and why.